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Scrap Metal Removal & Recycling

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC can remove and haul away your scrap metal items!  Any scrap metal or recycling items we haul away as part of your junk removal will be separated, sorted and processed for recycling.

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC's truck and trailer combo make separating recyclables from your other trash and junk easy!  By having an open bed pickup truck with an attached trailer we simply place any items deemed recyclable into the back of our pickup truck.  Once we are back to our location at the end of the day we simply place these items in our recycling and processing area.

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC has a designated area to place and store your recyclables.  These items are then sorted and processed in preparation for recycling.

So what items can be recycled and how does the processing work?  You would be absolutely be amazed at how many items can be broken down for recycling.

Some items are easy! The item may just be a big piece of steel.  We have a container that is specific for these items and they are deposited into there designated container until  it is full and ready to be recycled.  We can take the steel items directly to the scrap yard and dump them into a huge steel pile.

You also have other materials such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and more!  These items are separated and placed into containers specific to their material.  You are not recycling properly if you simply throw all of these items into the steel pile. All materials that are not made of mostly steel need to be separated, processed,  and taken inside of the recycling facility for proper recycling. 

There are combo recyclable items, such as a brass lamp with a cord.  The brass lamp would be placed into the brass container, snipping the cord and preparing it, and placing it with other cord materials.

Some items have electric motors.  These would be placed into a pile to await the motor being removed.  It can be recycled and processed as an electric motor.  There may be other items such as a your standard electric box fan.  This item would contain an electric motor, a cord, and the remaining skeleton would be steel placed into the steel collection!  

Another example of a scrap metal item needing broke down and separated would be your old fashioned computer terminal.  These have extensive processing needs.  Once you have opened the terminal, you would snip and remove all the wiring,  You will have aluminum pieces, computer boards, memory cards and other various materials all needing removed and sorted..  All of these items would be removed and separated into their specific containers with other like materials.  It can take a whole day to break down and process 10 to 15 computer terminals!

So now you can see how owning and operating a hauling and junk removal company can truly be a 24 hour job.  Our job does not end with placing your items into the back of a truck or trailer.  To properly recycle, dispose of trash, or take in any donatable items, all loads have to be sorted after we leave your location!  The job does not end until all items have been placed in recycling, and trash disposed.

2 Women With A Pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC can provide you lower cost junk hauling services, as we do not consider your scrap metal part of the " volume " of your load.  Most junk hauling companies will place all of your items into the back of their truck and you are charged for the whole volume.  What makes us different and a more affordable option for junk hauling services is we charge only for the items that we would have to dispose of, such as any unusable junk and trash that would be placed into the trailer.

While we do charge to pick up single, large recyclable item such as a refrigerator, we can provide your refrigerator pickup at a lower cost, only charging for time, labor and of course gas!

While we process and recycle scrap metals, 2 Women With A pickup Truck And Trailer Too LLC can also haul away your other recyclable materials such as paper and carboard!  These items shall be separated and taken in for recycling, keeping these items from being dumped in a landfill.

So what are you waiting for!  Give us a call today to discuss your hauling and junk removal options!

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Have you ever heard the saying " A picture says a thousand word's" In the junk removal world it really does! You can text your photos to us 24 hours daily, 7 days weekly! It's FAST, EASY, and you can get an immediate quote!  By looking at your photos we can determine:

1.) How much loading room you will need

2.) The weight of disposal and our expenses to dispose

3.) How long we will be loading for accurate scheduling

4.) How many loaders needed for fast, efficient service

5.) We can plan and come fully prepared for your job!

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